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THE GOLDEN HOUR series, by Maiya Williams

You can't outrun time ... or can you?

You can't outrun time ... or can you?

The old hotel at the edge of town is a total wreck … until the Golden Hour, that space between twilight and dark, when it suddenly comes alive.  Nina Popplewell ventures inside to investigate … and disappears!  Her brother Rowan has beaten every video game ever invented – but this time he’s playing for keeps in a game where he doesn’t know the rules, and his opponent is the toughest one of all – TIME.

Their friends, twins Xavier and Xanthe, are among the first African-American heroes in a series.  Working together with Rowan and Nina, they travel through time and (so far) have had to use their wits to escape danger in both Ancient Egypt and the American old west.  It looks like there will be lots more adventures coming up in the future.  This is one of my favorite series … give it a try and see what YOU  think!


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