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HORIZON, by Scott Westerfeld

May 22, 2017

The story: Five teens crash land in what is supposed to the the Arctic–but find themselves stranded in a tropical jungle filled with predatory animals and plants that are out of this world. Literally. Now they have to use their engineering smarts, as well as their fighting skills, to figure out whether they’ve been transported […]

LAST DAY ON MARS, by Kevin Emerson

April 7, 2017

The story: The sun is going supernova, and Earth has already been obliterated. Mars is next in line, which is why all humans are boarding starcruisers and setting off for Aaru, 150 years away. Liam’s family is among the last to leave Mars, so he’s there to make the startling discovery that the sun’s expansion […]


March 13, 2017

The story: The Cherry Dogs have been invited to a world-class VR tournament, and at the same time, Marisa realizes she can use the chance to find and bring down Grendel. But that’s before she meets virtual terrorist/freedom fighter Alain, who’s plotting to overthrow Sigan, the evil mega-corporation that also happens to be driving Mari’s […]


February 14, 2017

The story: Hatter Madigan always figured he’d grow up, graduate, and become a spy in Wonderland–it’s what he’s always wanted. But things aren’t what he expected when he starts at the academy: he’s living in his brother’s shadow; his friends are great, except when they’re not; weirdest of all, he keeps seeing things (and people) […]

DRAGONS VS. DRONES, by Wesley King

January 24, 2017

The story: Marcus has spent the last eight years trying to find his father, and now he’s got it figured out. Tapping the energy of a gigantic lightning storm, Marcus travels to a parallel dimension where he meets Dree–companion to a dragon–and learns about his own connection to the dragons of the realm…and about the […]

GENIUS: THE GAME, by Leopoldo Gout

December 14, 2016

The story: Two hundred of the best–geniuses–have been chosen to compete in teen tech billionaire Kiran Biswas’s Game. Rex, Cai, and Tunde all have a reason to need to be there: Rex is desperately searching for his lost brother, Cai is trying to find who’s corrupted her Chinese businessman father, and Tunde is trying to […]

FUZZY, by Tom Angleberger

December 9, 2016

The story: When Maxine is assigned to befriend robot-in-training Fuzzy as part of integrated him into her school, she’s thrilled. But it turns out to be a lot less exciting than she thought–the other kids make fun of her, her anti-robot mom isn’t happy about it, and worst of all, she seems to have run […]

THE MINISTRY OF S.U.I.T.S., by Paul Gamble

November 17, 2016

The story: Jack’s curiosity is going to get him killed, Mom warns. But our hero never thought it would get him a job at the Ministry of S.U.I.T.s (Strange, Unusual & Impossible Things)…and yet, here he is. Operatives use The Speed–and other arcane techniques–to keep one step ahead of the world’s biggest cache of pirates, […]

LIFERS, by M.A. Griffin

August 22, 2016

The story: Preston’s best friend Alice has disappeared. Using clues from her notebook, he follows her trail to MIST, a secretive technology corporation development a “correctional system” for the government. Preston soon becomes The Valve’s next victim, and if he and his friends don’t act fast, every teen who’s been jailed in this alternative reality […]

RANDOMS, by David Liss

August 22, 2016

The story: Zeke Reynolds, sci-fi dork extraordinaire, is chosen as one of four teens in a delegation that will compete with kids from three other planets to see which homeworlds will be admitted into the Confederation of United Planets. The other three have amazing skills, but not Zeke–he’s a Random. It’s only when he teams […]