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STRANGE STAR, by Emma Carroll

April 23, 2018

The story: Mary Shelley is stuck for a ghost story, but when a girl appears on the doorstep, half-dead with fear and exhaustion, and looking like the subject of an evil experiment, Mary and her friends are all ears as Lizzie tells her tale–a story of lightning strikes, evil experiments, and the possibility of bringing […]


December 7, 2017

The story: A broken deal with a demon has kept the Redding family rich and powerful for centuries. But now the demon is regaining his power, and the demon has taken up residence inside 13-year-old Prosper Redding, planning a breakout on the boy’s 13th birthday. It’s up to Prosper and a group of people who […]

SPLINTER, by Sasha Dawn

September 29, 2017

The story: Sami’s mother disappeared ten years ago, but the teen refuses to believe she’s dead. Yet now, a decade later, clues start to surface…clues indicating her mother is dead, cludes that point to her father as the killer. Sami doesn’t want to believe it–can’t believe it–but can she and her best friends track down […]

BEANSTALKER, by Kiersten White

September 29, 2017

The story: If you’re tired of the same old/same old when it comes to fairy tales, pick up a copy of “Beanstalker & Other Hilarious Scary Tales”. You’ll meet vampire Snow White, zombie Dead Riding Hood–and the list goes on! Check it out…if you’re not too scared. 😉 Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’re looking for […]


September 28, 2017

The story: When Harper’s family moves into a creepy old house, it doesn’t take long for her to hear that it’s “haunted”. But what’s worse is that it also doesn’t take long for her little brother to meet an imaginary friend who turns out to be a ghost–and not a nice ghost, either. Now it’s […]

ONE FOR SORROW, by Mary Downing Hahn

September 28, 2017

The story: Elsie, a girl in Annie’s class at her new school, is deeply unpopular–so when the girl dies of influenza in the great 1918 epidemic, Annie is taken aback, but not particularly sad. That is, not until a sledding accident in the cemetery opens a conduit for Elsie’s vengeful ghost to start haunting Annie, […]

BRIGHTWOOD, by Tania Unsworth

January 5, 2017

The story: Daisy has never stepped foot outside the grounds of her home on the Brightwood Estate. A long-ago tragedy has made her mother fear change–and other people. But one day, mum disappears and frightening James Gritting comes instead, claiming to be a long-lost cousin. It doesn’t take long for Daisy to realize he means […]

MAX HELSING & THE 13TH CURSE, by Curtis Jobling

August 22, 2016

The story: Max Helsing is the last in the line of (Van) Helsings, famed monster hunters. He feels like he’s got things down pretty well…but what Max doesn’t realize is that a long-dormant curse is about to fall on the 13th descendant of Liesbeth Van Helsing on his/her 13th birthday. It’s the 13th Curse–and it […]


June 15, 2016

The story: There’s an ancient evil lurking at Rookskill Castle, and when Kat and her siblings are sent there to escape the bombs of the London blitz, it just might turn out that they’ve gone out of the frying pan and straight into the fire. Only the magic chatelaine’s keys given to Kat by her […]

THE JUMBIES, by Tracey Baptiste

June 15, 2016

The story: Corinne and her father don’t believe in jumbies–trouble-making spirits that supposedly haunt their Caribbean island. At least, they don’t believe until they meet one…and by then, it’s almost too late. Can Corinne learn to use her dead mother’s magic to save them all? The library lady says: Here’s a story with just the […]