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March 9, 2018

The story: Kelly just wants to stop being Invisible–but she never dreamed that becoming a Babysitter would lead her to fame and kick-butt adventures. That’s “Babysitter” with a capital B, of course–a group of monster fighters determined to take down the otherworldly bullies haunting the dreams of little kids everywhere. Who ever knew those monsters […]


March 9, 2018

The story: Genie Lo has always stood tall…really tall…but she never realized it was a clue to her true identity as the reincarnated staff of the gods. When cute but short Quentin Sun shows up at school, she feels an immediate connection to him. She put it down to hormones, but it turns out they […]

THE CHESS QUEEN ENIGMA (Holmes & Stoker #3) by Colleen Gleason

March 9, 2018

The story: Mina and Evaline are back, following clues and destroying vampires as they seek to keep an impetuous princess from running off and an evil schemer from figuring out the secret to living forever (which of course involves vampires, Egyptian cult magic, and the dreaded, illegal phenomenon known as electricity). Tea first, anyone? Mrs. […]

THE EMPTY GRAVE, by Jonathan Stroud

January 4, 2018

The story: All the villains have assembled, most notably Penelope Fittes and Sir Rupert Gale. Also assembled: the ghosts–and who would ever have guessed that the villains were the SOURCE of the ghosts? Lockwood & Co. are ready to use their hard-won experience to take on all the bad guys and, as they do, deal […]

MAX HELSING & THE 13TH CURSE, by Curtis Jobling

August 22, 2016

The story: Max Helsing is the last in the line of (Van) Helsings, famed monster hunters. He feels like he’s got things down pretty well…but what Max doesn’t realize is that a long-dormant curse is about to fall on the 13th descendant of Liesbeth Van Helsing on his/her 13th birthday. It’s the 13th Curse–and it […]

THE JUMBIES, by Tracey Baptiste

June 15, 2016

The story: Corinne and her father don’t believe in jumbies–trouble-making spirits that supposedly haunt their Caribbean island. At least, they don’t believe until they meet one…and by then, it’s almost too late. Can Corinne learn to use her dead mother’s magic to save them all? The library lady says: Here’s a story with just the […]


September 8, 2015

The story: Walter Prairie never expected to get hit by lightning and wind up in the Afterlife. He expected even less to be assigned as a Guardian Agent and assigned to his own HLT (High-Level Target)–Charlie Dewdle, who (in addition to his unfortunate last name) has just found The Summoner’s Handbook and is busy summoning […]


September 1, 2015

The story: Augie Hobble is a funny kid, but un-funny stuff keeps happening to him. Bullies, weird stuff at his dad’s amusement park–and a possible run-in with not only a werewolf, but a ghost as well. Don’t let the “day at the rundown old park” start fool you: this book goes directly from fort-building in […]

GILDED, by Christina Farley

February 25, 2015

The story: 1Jae Lee thinks it stinks that her dad has dragged her away from her home in L.A. to go live in Seoul, South Korea. Little does she know that–despite making new friends, going to a great school, and even finding her first-ever boyfriend–things are going to get a whole lot worse: she’s destined […]

JACKABY, by William Ritter

February 25, 2015

The story: combine Sherlock Holmes with the Ghostbusters, and what do you get? Jackaby! Here’s an old-fashioned detective who knows more about a certain subject than anyone else on earth: Jackaby can recognize and identify supernatural beings, even when they’re well disguised and completely invisible to everyone else. You’d think that would make him the […]