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RAIL HEAD, by Philip Reeve

March 9, 2018

The story: Zen is a punk thief on a second-rate planet when Raven chooses him to rob the Emperor and propel himself into immortality–and also onto the radar of every law enforcement officer in their part of the galaxy. All he needs is a little luck, a little help from a lovely android who wants […]

RENEGADES, by Marissa Meyer

December 7, 2017

The story: The superheroes known as the Renegades failed to protect her family, and now Nova is the only one left. Raised by super-villain Ace Anarchy, she continues his plan to put an end to the Renegade rule and destroy their rule. But to do it–she must become a Renegade herself, tapping into the Prodigy […]

NEMESIS, by Brandon Reichs

September 28, 2017

The story: Min is murdered on her birthday…over and over. Noah too. The weirdest part? They wake up the next morning with no wounds beyond the terrible memories. Little do they know that they’re an involuntary part of the biggest, most bizarre science experiment ever. Waking up alive may not be the ultimate goal. Waking […]

FLAWED, by Cecelia Ahern

September 28, 2017

The story: In Celestine’s dystopian society, making choices that don’t benefit society can cause you to be labeled “flawed”–and branded, so that everyone else knows it too. When Celestine breaks a rule to help someone on the fringes, the unthinkable happens, and somehow she finds herself targeted as the most flawed person EVER. Will her […]


March 13, 2017

The story: The Cherry Dogs have been invited to a world-class VR tournament, and at the same time, Marisa realizes she can use the chance to find and bring down Grendel. But that’s before she meets virtual terrorist/freedom fighter Alain, who’s plotting to overthrow Sigan, the evil mega-corporation that also happens to be driving Mari’s […]

FROST, by M.P. Kozlowsky

January 24, 2017

The story: Frost has never stepped a foot outside her building. Why should she? New York lies in ruins, overrun by robots and the zombie cannibals known as Eaters. It’s only when her last living companion, her pet broot Romes, becomes dangerously ill that she decides to risk it. She will find evil robots, answers […]

CHILDREN OF EXILE, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

January 11, 2017

The story: Brought in as “orphans” to be raised by the Freds, a town full of children are abruptly returned to their birth parents–people they’ve never met, damaged people who lived through some horrific event 12 years in the past. Longing for her adoptive parents and desperate to keep her little brother safe, Rosi struggles […]

DOVE ARISING, by Karen Bao

March 15, 2016

The story: Phaet’s family is already living on the edge when her mother gets sick…sick enough that her medical care will send the family to the homeless Shelter. Phaet desperately grabs her only chance to help: she signs up for the Lunar Militia, knowing she’ll have to place near the top to get a salary […]

TRACKED, by Jenny Martin

September 12, 2015

The story: On the desert planet Castra, Phoebe Van Zant races cars while trying to keep herself out of the shadow of her racing-legend father. But when she comes to the attention of Charles Benroyal, both Phee and best boy-buddy Bear are blackmailed into joining Benroyal’s racing team. When she meets Cash–prince in exile who […]

ICEBREAKER, by Lian Tanner

August 29, 2015

The story: The Oyster has been cutting through the Antarctic ice for 300 years–so long that her crew can hardly remember why the ship sailed in the first place. But the Devouts remember, and they’ve sworn to destroy her. The mythical Sleeping Captain will remember, if somehow Petrel can find and awaken him. Only problem […]