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MOXIE, by Jennifer Mathieu

December 7, 2017

The story: Good Old Boys run things at East Rockport High School. Football players rule all, while the girls’ soccer team hasn’t gotten new uniforms since the 1990s. When Viv Carter looks at her mom’s feminist stuff from her college days, the teen decides she needs to get in on the action too–and Moxie is […]


September 29, 2017

The story: Arianwyn has FAILED her witch’s exam, and gets sent to Lull as as apprentice witch instead of the full-fledged variety. Not to worry, though–there’s plenty in Lull to keep her busy, what with the dark magic of the Great Wood threatening to spill over, spirit creatures following her home, and that accidental unleashing […]

LETTERS TO THE LOST, by Brigid Kemmerer

September 29, 2017

The story: Juliet and Declan are both damaged–both have lost someone important to them, and both of them are having a hard time moving on. When he discovers a letter to her dead mother in the cemetery where he works and writes back to her, their anonymous letters back-and-forth lead them toward both love…and healing. […]

WILD BIRD, by Wendelin Van Draanen

September 29, 2017

The story: Wren is in trouble…big trouble. Her parents have sent her to jail–or at least, that’s how it feels. After getting busted while high on drugs and doing just about everything to alienate her family, she’s been sent to a rehab survival camp out in the Utah desert. Not only does she not have […]

INVISIBLE EMMIE, by Terri Libenson

September 29, 2017

The story: Here’s the tale of of two totally different girls—quiet, shy, artistic Emmie; popular, outgoing, athletic Katie—and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hands. Mrs. Friend’s opinion: What a cute story! It combines text and lots of graphic-novel-style illustrations to form a hybrid that any […]


September 28, 2017

The story: Ivy is a smart girl, even though her world seems to be crumbling around her. Her parents have divorced, dad has a new girlfriend, her brother has moved out, and her mother seems to be drowning in depression. Worst of all, Ivy feels that she’s getting too tall, too round, too different from […]

LUCKY IN LOVE, by Kasie West

September 28, 2017

The story: Money is a big deal in Maddie’s family–or rather, the lack of it is. She’s pretty sure she’ll get accepted into Stanford, but how will she ever pay for it? Then, on a whim, she buys a lottery ticket and is suddenly thirty million dollars richer. All her problems should be solved, right? […]


September 28, 2017

The story: Desi Lee is good at everything–except flirting and romance. She’s a soccer star; she’s the valedictorian–but she can’t talk to a boy to save her life. Her friends have even invented a new word for her: flirting + failure = flailure. When she sees Luca for the first time, she falls hard–hard enough […]

IT AIN’T SO AWFUL, FALAFEL, by Firoozeh Dumas

September 28, 2017

The story: Forget Zomorod, she’s Cindy now. It’s not that she’s embarrassed about coming from Iran (although everyone seems to think they ride camels there), its more that she wants to be an America living in America. But a revolution in her home country, followed by a hostage crises involving the extremists, makes it even […]

PRISONER OF ICE & SNOW, by Ruth Lauren

September 28, 2017

The story: Valor is determined to get sent to the dreaded prison Tyur’ma, and all it takes is an attempt on Prince Anatol’s life. No, she’s not crazy–just determined to do something that’s never been done in 300 years: break her sister out of that infamous place. And that’s just the beginning–next she must prove […]