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WISHTREE, by Katherine Applegate

October 5, 2017

The story: Red has lived in the neighborhood for a long time–like, 215 years. She runs a boarding house of sorts, and her tenants are skunks, opossums, and crows. Yep, Red is a tree–and she’s seen a lot over the years…but nothing quite like the meanness Samar experiences when the Muslim girl moves in. Red […]

HORIZON, by Scott Westerfeld

May 22, 2017

The story: Five teens crash land in what is supposed to the the Arctic–but find themselves stranded in a tropical jungle filled with predatory animals and plants that are out of this world. Literally. Now they have to use their engineering smarts, as well as their fighting skills, to figure out whether they’ve been transported […]


March 20, 2017

The story: Raul is a loner at his boarding school, saying little to anyone and living for the weekends, where he can disappear into the woods and meet up with his mother. People just wouldn’t understand about his mother being a wolf (or him either). Little do they know that a notorious hunter of spirit […]


January 5, 2017

The story: Emmeline is the only person in the place who can see the winged horses in the mirrors. It’s World War 2, and she’s been sent to a hospital for children with tuberculosis. When an injured horse mysteriously appears, in need of her care, Emmeline must complete a series of tasks to make sure […]

FOREST OF WONDERS (Wing & Claw #1) by Linda Sue Park

January 5, 2017

The story: Raffa has discovered a vine that not only helped his injured bat to heal quickly–it causes Echo to be able to talk. Afraid that the government will weaponize his discovery, the young apothecary sets off on a journey to prevent that from happening. Along the way, he makes friends who help him worm […]


June 15, 2016

The story: Turned into a rat by Gondorff the Gray, Joey is then sent on a mission to find King Uther and tell him of Gondorff’s failed mission. On his way to the throne room, Joey pulls the Spork from the Scone and suddenly finds himself the owner of Ratscalibur, prophesied to awaken and save […]

WEBSTER, by Ellen Emerson White

June 15, 2016

The story: Webster (formerly called Beast, now known to his friends as Bad Hat) has had it with humans. They love you, then they leave you–most likely at a nasty animal shelter. Or even worse, they’re mean and then they leave you. When Webster ends up at Green Meadows Rescue Home, he’s determined not to […]

PAX, by Sara Pennypacker

February 25, 2016

The story: Dad’s going off to war, Peter’s going to his grandfather’s, and Pax is abandoned by the side of the road. Peter raised the fox from a kit, and he knows Pax doesn’t have the skills to survive in the wild on his own–and once Dad leaves, Peter does too. He’s on the run, […]


November 4, 2015

The story: Someone is murdering apothecaries in 1660 London, and that gives Christopher Rowe plenty to worry about–he’s Master Blackthorn’s apprentice, and if someone’s planning to kill the Master, they might just want to kill the apprentice as well. When the horrifying happens, Christopher is forced out onto the street, one step ahead of the […]

THE TALE OF RESCUE, by Michael J. Rosen

November 2, 2015

The story: A boy and his parents are lost in a whiteout–so close to shelter, but completely unable to reach it. Everything depends on the dog: will she find them? Can she save them? Will she disobey her master to do it? Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Here’s a fine animal story that doesn’t involve talking rodents […]