Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

SAVING RED, by Sonya Sones


The story: Molly feels bad about a lot of things in her life, yet it seems like things might just be changing when she befriends homeless Red and falls in love with Cristo. But when Cristo dumps her and Red just keeps listening to the voices in her head, Molly realizes that she can’t fix anyone else until she fixes herself. She just never knew how hard that was going to be.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  Molly’s befriending of a young woman with bipolar disorder (and perhaps schizophrenia) helps her learn that people who are different are not necessarily bad, and certainly not worthy of automatic disdain. Molly’s own pain in dealing with her  brother’s disappearance makes her a little more sympathetic to a girl she may never have spoken to otherwise, and through her experiences, she ends up smarter–and better.


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