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LAST DAY ON MARS, by Kevin Emerson

last day

The story: The sun is going supernova, and Earth has already been obliterated. Mars is next in line, which is why all humans are boarding starcruisers and setting off for Aaru, 150 years away. Liam’s family is among the last to leave Mars, so he’s there to make the startling discovery that the sun’s expansion was caused by an infection–purposely caused by some sinister unknown group. Worse, there’s another group trying to make sure no human leaves the solar system, including Liam’s parents. Including Liam. Good thing he got all that illegal flying experience…

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Best sci-fi novel I’ve read all year! Plus there’s a twisty twist at the end that makes everything way more intense…and kind of makes you crazy that you’ll have to wait a year for the next installment.


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