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Recommended books for grades 5-8

NIGHT ON FIRE, by Ronald Kidd

The story: Billie Sims doesn’t think her little town of Anniston, Alabama is segregated (or prejudiced)–until she sees the ugly reality of events in 1961, when a group calling themselves the Freedom Riders de-segregates a Greyhound bus and tries to go from Virginia to New Orleans. Right outside her hometown, the bus is stopped, set on fire, and the riders are nearly killed. Billie knows things need to change–but is she brave enough to stand up herself?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Don’t let the front cover fool you: this isn’t a book for little kids. Billie doesn’t want to think her family or her town is prejudiced, but when she runs up against hard facts, she has to admit the truth. This is a close-up look at the ugliness of prejudice and the price of making a change.

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