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Recommended books for grades 5-8



The story: The Cherry Dogs have been invited to a world-class VR tournament, and at the same time, Marisa realizes she can use the chance to find and bring down Grendel. But that’s before she meets virtual terrorist/freedom fighter Alain, who’s plotting to overthrow Sigan, the evil mega-corporation that also happens to be driving Mari’s family out of business. Her resulting change of plans could score three out of three goals…or make it so she never finds out the truth about the mysteries of her past.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  If you’re a fan of “Bluescreen”, the first Mirador novel, you’ll like this one too.  And even if you’re not a coding or computer geek (which I’m totally not), you can skip all the techno-speak and still enjoy a kick-butt sci-fi story. And even though it’s all girls all the time, boys will still enjoy this one. Best for 8th grade and up.


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