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Recommended books for grades 5-8

MY LADY JANE, by Cynthia Hand et al


The story: King Edward is dying, and he names Lady Jane Grey as his successor, doing an end run around his sisters Mary and Elizabeth. Only problem for Jane–aside from the fact that she doesn’t actually WANT to be queen–is that she’s going to have to marry Gifford Dudley in order to do it. Gifford is charming, handsome, funny, and writes poetry all night long: HIS only problem is that during the day, he’s a horse. Which is definitely a problem if you’re also a husband.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Here’s a really fun, slightly naughty romantic adventure that every girl who loves fantasy and romance will cheer for. It’s pretty thick and there’s quite a bit of actual history (except that in real life, Lady Jane Grey was executed after nine days as queen)–so if you’re a good reader, this one’s for you!


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