Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

ME & MIRANDA MULALLY, by Jake Gerhardt


The story: Sam (the class clown), Duke (the self-appointed intellectual) and Chollie (the jock) all fall in love with the same girl (Miranda Mullaly) on the same day. Now the competition is on–who will be the one to win her heart? Everyone’s plans go every which way but right, and it’ll take more than just a bit of serendipity for any of them to come out on top. May the best man win!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: It’s not very often that the story of a middle-school crush is written from the guys’ point of view. This story made me laugh out loud in parts, and I’m always a fan of that. If you enjoy Tommy Greenwald’s Charlie Joe Jackson books, this one’s for you!


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