Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

CHILDREN OF EXILE, by Margaret Peterson Haddix


The story: Brought in as “orphans” to be raised by the Freds, a town full of children are abruptly returned to their birth parents–people they’ve never met, damaged people who lived through some horrific event 12 years in the past. Longing for her adoptive parents and desperate to keep her little brother safe, Rosi struggles at first, until she realizes that she’s got lots bigger problems right now…like her only friend being kidnapped. Like being put in jail for the rest of her life when she tries to help him. Like evil guards who might just be from another planet…

Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  First in another series by author Haddix.  As you’re reading, think about what it would be like if all these things happened to YOU–and what you’d do about it.


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