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Recommended books for grades 5-8

BRIGHTWOOD, by Tania Unsworth

The story: Daisy has never stepped foot outside the grounds of her home on the Brightwood Estate. A long-ago tragedy has made her mother fear change–and other people. But one day, mum disappears and frightening James Gritting comes instead, claiming to be a long-lost cousin. It doesn’t take long for Daisy to realize he means her harm, and now it’s up to her (aided by her pet rat, Tar, and the ghost of an adventuring girl named Frank) to escape the only home she’s ever known and find help even though…it might already be too late.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: A lot like stories by Roald Dahl, this spine-tingling little tale is perfect for people who liked last year’s “The Imaginary”, or anyone who’s er seen and loved the movie “Jumanji”.


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