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Recommended books for grades 5-8

WOLF BY WOLF, by Ryan Graudin


The story: After Hitler and the Germans win World War 2, the resistance goes deeper underground. Ten years later, one of Himmler’s successful (but forgotten) science experiments–a shapeshifter–sets out to gain revenge by winning a race and assassinating der Fuhrer. Does Yael have what it takes to beat 19 hardened racers and come out in front?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This one had a fascinating concept–what if the Nazis had won the war? The action takes place in 1956, with Yael, a survivor of an evil experiment in a death camp, biding her time until it’s right to make her move against Hitler, looking for revenge for all the people in her life who died because of him. A major twist at the end means you’ll have to check out “Blood for Blood” for the next installment.


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