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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE NIGHT PARADE, by Kathryn Tanqueray


The story: When Saki messes up the Obon ceremony because she’s too lazy to get it right, and when she disrespects the graveyard of her ancestors, a death curse is placed upon her family and it’s up to her to follow the path to the Midlight Prince to get him to dissolve the curse. She has three nights to do it, and who knows if the spirits, ogres, and other beings of the Night Parade will help her, or try to get their revenge by getting in her way and causing her to fail?


Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you like fantasy, and you’re interested in fantastic creatures from other cultures, take a look at this one.  (And use Google images to look up all the creatures you don’t know–they really exist in Japan!)


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