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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE CLOCKWORK SCARAB, by Colleen Gleason


The story: Sherlock Holmes’s niece meets Bram Stoker’s vampire-fighting sister in this kick-butt mystery set in steampunk London, 1889. The mysterious Ankh is trying to bring the ancient goddess Sekhmet back to life, and is killing bored young noblewomen to do it. Irene Adler, working for the Crown, has recruited the two very different young women to work as a team–so they’d better learn how to hang together, or they might both end up hanging separately!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This one had it all: an interesting mystery, good character development, and strong, spunky female characters. If you like this one, there are two sequels to date: “The Spiritglass Charade”, and “The Chess Queen Enigma”.


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