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red mon

The story: Stranded on a rock in space and trying to grub a living out of the desert, the humans hate and fight the native Kihuut. Nicknamed the Cheese, these aliens kidnap girls, who are never seen again. It’s only when Rae and her sister Temple are snatched that the other side of the story comes into view: the settlers’ diseases have decimated them, rendered them childless, and ruined their trade. No wondered there’s such hatred on both sides. Even more amazing–the Cheese treat women like valuable team members, not like they’re fit only for doing housework. After a while, Rae may not even want to go back…but she’ll be forced to do so in order to prevent an all-out war. Even then, it might still be too late.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I liked this one a lot! Rae has a spunky voice and believably comes to see her own peoples’ shortsightedness and prejudice, which leads her to make a series of difficult decisions in this sci-fi coming of age novel. A way is left open for a sequel, which is to be hoped for!


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