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Recommended books for grades 5-8

OCDANIEL, by Wesley King


The story: Daniel just wants to be normal. So he warms the bench in football because it’s important to his best friend Max. He tries to figure out ways to talk to his crush, Raya. He tries to get along with his brother Steve. And he tries to keep The Routine a secret, all the while thinking that he’s probably going crazy. It’s only when Psycho Sara speaks to him for the first time (the first time she’s ever spoken to anyone in six years!?!) that he realizes maybe, just maybe, he’s not crazy, and not doomed to be Zapped by The Routine forever. But first they have to figure out who murdered Sara’s father. NBD.

Ms. Friend’s opinion: If you’ve ever thought that kid with mental disorders are that way because they’re just looking for attention, you should check this one out. Dan is a relatable hero, struggling with a crush, wanting to be accepted–in fact, wanting more than anything to just be “normal”. The author’s note confirms that the book is semi-autobiographical, which personal experience no doubt helped the author get the story just right. I liked it a lot.

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