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The story: Skip O’Rourke was raised by con men and grifters, so when he engineers an escape from the family and into a high-class prep school, he thinks he’s got all the bases covered. No, wait–the family tracks him down and forces him into One Last Job…but the deeper Skip gets into plans to “off” Fat Nicky, the more he realizes this isn’t about the money–it’s about revenge. And he’s the target. After all, as Skip has to keep reminding himself: “Always know your mark. And if you don’t know who your mark is…it’s probably YOU.”


The Library lady says: Even though he comes from a family of bad guys, you’ll like Skip and root for him as he tries to make his big escape.  If you liked “Con Academy”, “Loot”, or “Trust Me, I’m Lying”, you’ll like this one!


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