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The story: Jeniah and Aon live in a kingdom where everyone is happy…except for them. But Jeniah is the princess; her mother is very ill, and when she dies, the 12-year-old girl will become Queen. Aon is a glassblower in a small town in the kingdom, and when her father is taken away as a servant to the Queen, she’s the only one who’s sad. Jeniah hears a prophecy that if the Monarch enters Dreadwillow Carse, the monarchy will fail. But she’s a girl full of questions who wants to know why–so she enlists the help of the only person she knows who’s actually been into the dreaded place. Little does either girl know that when prophecies are fulfilled, they often come to pass in a way no one expects. Aon’s trips into Dreadwillow Carse might just change the lives of everyone in the kingdom.

The library lady says: An interesting stand-alone fantasy (although with possibilities for sequels, of course) by the author of “The Vengekeep Prophecy”.


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