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LUCKY STRIKES, by Louis Bayard

lucky strikes

The story: When Melia’s mother dies, it looks like Melia, Janey and Earle have struck out: they’re orphans with no family to take them in, and with greedy businessman Harvey Blevins looking to drive them out of business. The obvious conclusion: they need to find themselves a daddy right away. So when a bum rolls off a passing truck, Melia seizes the day (and the bum) and offers Hiram Watts a job as her long-lost dad. Can the kids and Hiram pull it off? Or are they bound for foster care after all?


The library lady says: Girls who like historical fiction (and a tough but tender-hearted heroine) will find themselves rooting for Melia.  Bad language alert!  Don’t grab this one if you’re offended by bad words.


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