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Recommended books for grades 5-8

GEMINI, by Sonya Mukherjee


The story: Attached at the hip, Clara and Hilary are conjoined twins whose parents chose to opt out of surgery to separate them when they were little. Now seniors in high school, it’s starting to become a little plainer how difficult things will be for the girls as they move on to college: they’re both interested in different things; Clara is happy in their small town while Hilary wants to move out and try anything and everything. Eventually, the girls have to face the decision that wasn’t made all those years ago: should they have a dangerous surgical procedure that will separate (and possibly kill) them, or will they have to accept that marriage and family are probably not in the cards?

The library lady says: Here’s a fascinating look at a medical problem most people have only heard of in conjunction with freak-shows and traveling circuses, and its real-life consequences for twin sisters who are much closer than either of them would ever have wished.


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