Middle School / Books Rule!
Recommended books for grades 5-8

SUMMERLOST, by Ally Condie


The story: Cedar’s family has just moved to Iron Creek, but no matter how far they go, they can’t get away from the terrible truth: Dad and Ben were killed in a car accident last year, and it feels like the hole in their universe will never close. But as Cedar gets to know a quirky new friend, Leo, and helps him solve a mystery that lurks around the Summerlost Theatre Festival, she comes to realize that just possibly, maybe, she’ll be able to move on.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is a great book for kids who like stories of other kids living through difficult things, or kids who like mysteries, or kids who like coming-of-age novels….okay, just about any girl, and boys who don’t mind stories about girls and guys being friends, will like this one.


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