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I don't know

The story: Since Father is away fighting in WWI France, Isobel’s family makes a visit to sunny Los Angeles, where everyone is caught up in the brand-new art of movies–even Izzy’s cousin Ranger. He and best buddy Sam have been bitten by the movie bug, and are “borrowing” a camera on the sly to make a movie of their own. Before the girls know it, Izzy and younger sister Sylvia have been roped into helping with the “picture”–a welcome distraction to their worries about their absent dad. One hair-raising scheme after another, and Father’s unexpected return from France, make this a summer to remember (even if it WASN’T captured on film forever!).

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This is a charming, humorous, action-filled story. If you like historical fiction, you’ll like this story of Hollywood’s early days.  It’s filled with action (and movie stars too!).

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