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Recommended books for grades 5-8

FUZZY MUD, by Louis Sachar


The story: Tamaya and Marshall take a shortcut through the woods to avoid a bully, but he tracks them down and starts beating Marshall up. Strangely, the real trouble doesn’t start until Tamaya picks up a handful of unusual mud and crams it into Chad’s face to stop him. Later, when her arm starts to swell and blister, she knows it must have been caused by the Fuzzy Mud–and when Chad turns up missing, she knows he must be lost in the woods, possibly blinded, his face a blistered mess too. So do you go looking for the bully who’s been harassing everyone, or just leave him to what he deserves? And just what caused the mud to turn fuzzy and evil, anyway?


Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you liked “Holes”, take a look at this one too.


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