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The story: It’s the Wild West like you’ve never seen it: Arthur, Camelot, and airships! When the deadly Spanish Flu decimates the world’s population after World War 1, those left in America break up into smaller nations ruler by the admirals of airships. Problem is, the Texans own the most precious resource of all–helium to fly their airships–and they demand a heavier and heavier price for it each year while extending their conniving reach to exploit everyone else’s resources. Soon the other admiralties are forced to scavenge and steal to supply their need for helium. Arthur, the son of Admiral Uther, is on a scavenging mission when he’s stranded and left to die. When he and a slave named Jennifer stage a daring escape from the Crystal City, their lives are on the line to get back to Camelot before one of them dies from “The Spain”. But when they get back–they find there are other ways to get killed than simply by disease.


Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If this sounds interesting to you, you’ll have to find it on Amazon.com, because it’s only available as an ebook. ¬†Luckily, it’s cheap, and it’s good!


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