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THE EDGE, by Roland Smith

the edge

The story: Peak and his mom have joined the international Climb for Peace in Afghanistan when things take a distinctly warlike turn: his mom and the other members of the team are kidnapped, and now it’s up to Peak and his ex-Marine companion to track them and stage a rescue. One the downside: the bad guys have all the gear, all the radios, and both the getaway boats. On the upside, Peak has Zopa on his team, and very strange things seem to happen when the old Sherpa is in the mix. Add in a mysterious snow leopard, and maybe the good guys aren’t as doomed as they seem…

Mrs. Friend’s opinion:  You don’t need to read the first book in the series, PEAK, before reading this one, but it doesn’t hurt either. Roland Smith is a great author of adventure stories, so check this one, as well as his “I, Q.” series and “Cryptid Hunters” books.


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