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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE SIGN OF THE CAT, by Lynne Jonell

sign of the cal

The story: Duncan’s mother insists that they hide: Duncan can’t show how smart he is, can’t uncover his red hair, and certainly isn’t going to tell anyone that he knows how to speak Cat. But on the fateful day that he aces the national exam and uncovers his head in public, Duncan ends up kidnapped and a prisoner aboard the ship of the man everyone thinks is a national hero. Even worse…the guy eats cats!?! It’s up to Duncan, a spunky kitten named Fia, and a warlike tiger named Brig to recover the lost princess and foil the bad guys. Luckily, they make a pretty awesome team!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I thought this story was a lot of fun!  Give Duncan and those spunky, sassy cats a chance, because even though he’s “almost 12” I’m pretty sure he’ll be older in his next adventure.  If you’re a fan of “The Warriors” books by Erin Hunter, you’ll like this one too.


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