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Recommended books for grades 5-8



The story: Isaveth’s father has been arrested for murder, but the girl knows he would never have done such a thing. She’s trying to sell homemade magical wares to scrape up money to help the family get by when she runs into–or rather, is run over by–Quiz, a street boy whose unusual talents make Vettie think they might be able to find the real murderer. She’s forgetting that things are never quite what they seem…and that the help that seems too good to be true usually is.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I thought this was a great fantasy pick for middle school, even though the picture on the cover makes the kids look like they’re ten (they’re not–12 and 14 is more like it). If you like a story with magic, adventure, sneaking around, and blowing up, this one’s for you!


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