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The story: Someone is murdering apothecaries in 1660 London, and that gives Christopher Rowe plenty to worry about–he’s Master Blackthorn’s apprentice, and if someone’s planning to kill the Master, they might just want to kill the apprentice as well. When the horrifying happens, Christopher is forced out onto the street, one step ahead of the man with the knife. Now he has to use his wits–and the knowledge of potions and codes he learned from the Master–to outsmart the killers and clear his own name. He’s just a kid, so he’d better think fast…and stay at least two steps ahead of the shadowy killers who want him dead too.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Forget everything you ever thought about historical fiction being a bore: here’s a rip-roaring read that feels like fantasy and yet is an historical thriller that will knock your socks off!


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