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Recommended books for grades 5-8

TRACKED, by Jenny Martin


The story: On the desert planet Castra, Phoebe Van Zant races cars while trying to keep herself out of the shadow of her racing-legend father. But when she comes to the attention of Charles Benroyal, both Phee and best boy-buddy Bear are blackmailed into joining Benroyal’s racing team. When she meets Cash–prince in exile who also happens to be her new pacer–and learns that Benroyal controls the illegal drug trade, everything changes again. Can Phee and Cash get together without breaking Bear’s heart? Can they stay alive once they decide to fight against the system–and race super-fast cars while doing it? Find out when you read “Tracked”.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Kind of a mix of Star Wars pod racing and “The Fast and the Furious” car racing, there’s a lot here to appeal to YA readers: even if you don’t like racing action per se, there’s a love triangle between Phee, Cash, and Bear, as well as political intrigues going on on Castra, a planet controlled by big corporations who are out to benefit self and no one else. Take your pick!


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