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Recommended books for grades 5-8

NOW THAT YOU’RE HERE, by Amy K. Nichols


The story: In this story of parallel universes that briefly collide, Eevee is sitting in class when stoner Danny is replaced by his twin from an alternate reality. The two, initially wary, must work together with Eevee’s super-nerd friend Warren to figure out what’s happened, because Danny needs to get back to his own universe (where he’s totally not a stoner). Then…as Danny and Eevee fall in love, it seems less important for him to get back–but a world-changing EMP event may not give them a choice, no matter which dimension they’re in.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This was a unique page turner–couldn’t put it down! And when I got my hands on the second one, “While You Were Gone”, I put everything else aside and that one too. This was a science-themed romance novel–who even knew that was possible? Geeky girl rejoice–here’s once when the smart girl gets the nice guy.


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