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Recommended books for grades 5-8

SEKRET, by Lindsay Smith


The story: It’s 1963, and the USSR is determined to get ahead of the Americans any way they can–even if it means kidnapping teens with psychic abilities and putting them to work spying on their targets’ minds. Yulia can read the memories attached to an object; Sergei is a remote viewer, able to see what’s going on in other locations–each must learn to use their own gift. What they don’t know is that someone even more powerful on the other side is looking for THEM–and plans to scrub their brains before they can track him down. Who will get there first to plant a mental flag for their country?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I found this to be a really interesting read, and a fascinating look at Cold War Russia. If you’re a kid who doesn’t mind paying close attention to what’s happening, this is a cool paranormal thriller.


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