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The story: Evan Quick has always wanted to have super powers–so much that he checks himself every day when he wakes up, just in case something has turned super overnight. But, no luck–right up until he turns 13, when he somehow survives an super villain’s death ray and winds up at the Academy for Metahuman Operatives, learning how to use his powers for the greater good. He never realized that Captain Commanding, his lifelong hero, would turn out to be a real jerk, and that Foxman, a washed-up has-been, might actually hold the key to solving the biggest puzzle of all: WHO EXACTLY ARE THE BAD GUYS?!?!?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This was a lot like “Steelheart” (but with a few more funny moments). Any kid–especially boys–who likes some super-hero action will be sure to like this one!


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