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Recommended books for grades 5-8

MOTHMAN’S CURSE, by Christine Hayes


The story: Josie and her brothers know all about junk: their father is an auctioneer, and they’re always on the lookout for something “haunted”. They get way more than they bargained for when her brother Fox discovers an old Polaroid camera an an estate sale. The upside is that it takes photos without film; the downside–the images include what appears to be the ghost of a neighborhood recluse who committed suicide last week. Even worse, by acquiring an old piece of jewelry from his estate, Josie has unwittingly signed up to become the next victim of Motorman’s Curse. If she saves herself, a whole bunch of innocent people are going to die. And if she doesn’t…she’ll be the one to end up dead. That’s a pretty tough choice for someone who’s barely thirteen…

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Don’t let the grade-school art on the cover fool you–this book is great for MS readers who are looking for action, adventure, and some creepy moments. Josie learns that she can rely on her younger brothers, Fox and Mason, as well as family and neighbors, when things get really awful. Looking for a ghost story that’s not TOO gruesome?  This one is perfect!

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