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Recommended books for grades 5-8

ICEBREAKER, by Lian Tanner


The story: The Oyster has been cutting through the Antarctic ice for 300 years–so long that her crew can hardly remember why the ship sailed in the first place. But the Devouts remember, and they’ve sworn to destroy her. The mythical Sleeping Captain will remember, if somehow Petrel can find and awaken him. Only problem is–she’s an invisible girl on a ship where everyone has a place. And when Fin, an undercover member of the Devouts, arrives to find and kill the Captain, Petrel knows he’s the only chance she’s ever had to find a friend. But can she help him destroy the only home she’s ever known?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’re a fan of steampunk and dystopian fiction, give this one a look!  Petrel is a tough, gutsy heroine, and her relationship with Fin and the two talking rats (!) on board the Oyster is full of twists and turns.


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