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Recommended books for grades 5-8

I AM PRINCESS X, by Cherie Priest

23399273The story: May and Libby created Princess X in 5th grade, and her adventures grew up with them–right until the time Libby drowned, May’s parents divorced, and May moved away. Now back in Seattle for summer break, May is stunned to find Princess X everywhere she looks–on stickers attached like graffiti to vacant stores, on walls, on lampposts. Even more mysterious–there’s a web comic detailing Princess X’s adventures. May knows that Libby must be alive–but where is she, and why is she hiding the details of her life in hidden riddles that only May can solve? Teaming up with Patrick, the downstairs hacker guy, May sets out to find Libby…and ends up finding a whole lot more than she expected. None of it good.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This quick read has something for everyone: technology for the guys, an undying friendship for the girls, an in-book graphic novel for the 741.5 crowd, and a mystery/thriller you just can’t put down. Everyone will like this one!

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