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Recommended books for grades 5-8

LOST IN THE SUN, by Lisa Graff


The story: That pick-up hockey game changed Trent’s life, and everyone else’s around him, too. But they’re the lucky ones–Jared Richardson is dead from a freak heart attack when Trent’s wild shot sent a puck slamming into his chest. Now Trent is trying to deal with the fallout–distancing himself from his friends, fighting with his dad, even purposely failing at school. So why doesn’t that weirdo Fallon Little get that he doesn’t want to be friends with her? (Even if he kind of does?!?!)

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I really liked this one. Trent feels so overwhelmed by his guilt and grief that it causes him to screw up in the rest of his life too–but Fallon, and his mom, and even his Old Crone teacher Ms. Emerson, all help him to move through it and figure out how to put right the things he can change, and learn to live with what he can’t. Not a bad lesson for all of us.  Girls and boys will both find themselves rooting for this unlikely hero!


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