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The story: Move over, Amy and Dan Cahill! The 39 Clues plot gets a stylish upgrade in this YA book from Kate Kae Myers. Avery VandeMere is one of eight competitors pitted against each other in the ultimate Family Feud: avoid being eliminated while completing a series of challenges representing family values. The winner will take control of Grandmother’s vast business holdings, as well as a mansion, fine art, and an entrance into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. From diamond mining to Revolutionary War battle re-enactments, Avery and hottie “chaperone” Riley race against the clock, and against the others, to be the last team member standing–because this time, the winner really does take all.

Ms.Friend’s opinion: If you liked Ally Carter’s “Heist Society” series, you’ll like this one too. Even with the wholesale co-opting of the basic plot-line in the 39 Clues series, this is its own book: a fun story with a lot going on, and a hefty dash of romance that girls will really fall for.


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