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Recommended books for grades 5-8

MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY, by Jaleigh Johnson

18077836The story: When Piper discovers a wounded girl in the debris of a meteor storm, she doesn’t know Anna is going to change her life. Not that it’s much of a life–her father is dead, and Piper scrapes by fixing broken machines people have scavenged from the meteor fields. Once Piper realizes there could be a reward if she returns Anna safely to her home, she and the girl stow away on the mighty 401 start their journey to a new life. At first it seems that the shape-shifting boy Gee is going to stand in their way, but when they join forces, things seem to get better–right before they get a whole lot worse. None of them have any idea who’s on their trail, or to what lengths he’ll go to get his hands on Anna.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Here’s a cool story with a gritty steampunk setting. Piper defies expectations in lots of ways, and both boys and girls will like this one!


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