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The story: It seemed like stealing the wallet would solve a whole bunch of problems, but instead, it just caused more: rather than paying for his baby brother’s medical bills for a month, using that credit card is costing Timothy a year under house arrest. But it’s a year where he learns a lot – how to unplug Levi’s trach tube while dodging snot bullets, how to show that maybe you like a girl, and possibly the biggest deal of all: learning to trust other people enough to let them help you, even when you can’t figure out why they would want to.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Life has handed Timothy some really crummy cards, but he does his best to make the most of things–and although his bad choices come back to bite him on the behind, he keeps trying to move forward.  If you’ve ever had some hard things happen to you, you’ll identify with Timothy and root for him to succeed.


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