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Recommended books for grades 5-8

WHIPPOORWILL, by Joseph Monninger


The story: Clair has always ignored her white-trash “whippoorwill” neighbors the Stewarts until she notices Wally, a neglected dog in the down-at-heel backyard next door. When she finally reaches out to befriend Wally, she unexpectedly finds herself becoming friends with Danny, son of out-of-control Mr. Stewart–and she learns that training a dog to be great is a lot like training a boy to be great. Only question is: when is it too late for either of them?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Here’s a deceptively quiet story about what happens to animals–and to people–when they’re neglected.  When Old Man Stewart’s lifetime of abusing his son goes in a direction neither of them expects, there’s nothing Clair can do to stop the fallout…except do whatever she can to save Wally, the most innocent victim of all. If you’ve ever loved a dog, this could be a story for you–but keep the Kleenexes handy!

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