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The story: Kit Bristol is just a simple servant until the night his master is murdered. Turns out his boss was Whistling Jack, a notorious highwayman (or old-fashioned robber). But Jack was a good master, so Kit sets out to perform his last wishes. Little does he know that walking into the forest to meet a so-called “witch” will set him on the road to adventure, complete with magic, cross-country chases, tightrope walking, and a beautiful princess. (Don’t forget the beautiful princess–Jack can’t!) And stepping into his dead master’s clothes ensures he ends up getting mistaken for him…and becoming a highwayman himself, purely by accident. But that’s not the worst thing that happens to our hero: there are magical creatures with big teeth, evil dark-magic fairies, and a close encounter the hangman’s noose!

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’re a fantasy lover, and you’re willing to read the frequent footnotes and/or look up the hard words, this is a great story!  And if you like this one, keep an eye out for the second installment, “The Accidental Giant”.


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