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Recommended books for grades 5-8

STORY THIEVES, by James Riley

Story thievesThe story: When Owen sees Bethany climbing out of a book, his entire life changes–because seriously? If you could step into your favorite book and experience everything that happens in it, how cool would that be?!? Bethany, busted, confesses to being half-human, half-fictional, and that she’s looking for her long-last father, a fictional character who disappeared into a book of fairy tales when she was little. Owen comes up with a great way of finding her dad, but demands as payment JUST ONE TRIP into his favorite series: the Kiel Gnomenfoot books. When Owen doesn’t keep the rules and the story gets changed, there are drastic consequences in the worlds of both reality and fiction. Can they fix either place–or will everyone just have to get used to fire-breathing dragons in their everyday lives?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: I really liked this one! It had one of literally EVERYTHING: sci-fi and fantasy; dragons, robots, zombies, wizards, callouts to famous fantasy stories, and non-stop action. If you’re either a fantasy or a Sci-Fi fan, you’ll like this one!


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