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tyrant's daughter
The story: Laila grew up in luxury, thinking her father was the king of their Middle Eastern country. But it turns out that he was a dictator–and when his regime is overthrown, her father is killed and the rest of her family has to run for their lives. Ending up in America, life is different than she could ever have imagined. And while it’s harder than she dreamed, there are things that could never have happened before–things like a best friend, a boyfriend, a first kiss. Now that trouble has followed them across the ocean, can Laila even consider going back?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: Ever wonder what a foreigner thinks about American teen life? Meet Laila, a teen herself–but someone who’s never been on a date, or even had a best friend. Think your life stinks? Check out this story of a teen from another culture (almost another world) and you’ll really have something to think about!


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