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The story: A rabbit, a ram. A pig, a rooster, a tiger, half a dragon. Weird barnyard? Nope–they’re the good guys. Lined up on the other side: rat, snake, ox, monkey, dog, horse, and the other half of the dragon. Pit one half of the Chinese Zodiac again the other, and which side will win? Each person, born in the year of their animal and infused with its power, has their own distinct super-power–but it’s learning to work together that will make (or break) them. Steven Lee’s team is a bunch of teens, arrayed against the strongest man in the world. What chance could they possibly have? None–unless the stars are aligned in their favor, or unless they can trick the other half of that dragon.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: If you’re a fan of graphic novels, this one’s for you! Dreamed up by Marvel boss Stan Lee, illustrated by a kick-butt cartoonist/animator, with an action-packed story by an author you haven’t heard of YET–it’s got everything a Marvel Comic has, plus enough text to keep even the crankiest ILA teacher happy. Okay, so it’s not big on character development…but is that why you go to see “The Avengers”? Didn’t think so.

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