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JACKABY, by William Ritter

jackaby - Copy

The story: combine Sherlock Holmes with the Ghostbusters, and what do you get? Jackaby! Here’s an old-fashioned detective who knows more about a certain subject than anyone else on earth: Jackaby can recognize and identify supernatural beings, even when they’re well disguised and completely invisible to everyone else. You’d think that would make him the best friend of every policeman in the county, but no: they all think he’s crazy. Even so–if a legendary evildoer is using magic to do his evil, you’d better find the best person to spot him (even if he IS a little crazy). And that would be…Jackaby, accompanied by his intrepid assistant, Abigail Rook.

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This reminded me of Jonathan Stroud’s “Lockwood and Company” series, just with characters who are a little older. Think of it as a ghostly mystery set back in the day, and you’ll like it too!


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