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GILDED, by Christina Farley

gilded - Copy

The story: 1Jae Lee thinks it stinks that her dad has dragged her away from her home in L.A. to go live in Seoul, South Korea. Little does she know that–despite making new friends, going to a great school, and even finding her first-ever boyfriend–things are going to get a whole lot worse: she’s destined to be dragged into a mythological curse that kills the first-born daughter in each generation. Problem is, this curse looks like it’s going to get her family, friends, and even her boyfriend, too. How do you get out of something you never signed up for?

Mrs. Friend’s opinion: This story is like a cross between Percy Jackson and Ellen Oh’s “Prophecy” series, which I really liked a lot. Jae Hwa is a spunky heroine who gets better and smarter during the course of the story–and acquires a hottie boyfriend at the same time. What more could a fantasy fangirl want?


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